• A woman wearing a green Edwardian flannel blouse with a cup of tea in her hand

    How to Make an Edwardian Flannel Blouse

    Now that I have sewn a few skirts, the matching uppers are missing. So I decided to sew an Edwardian blouse. Especially because I thought that this is a little easier to do than a body-hugging shirtwaist. However, this was…

  • Detail of a petticoat with glittery lace peaking out under a skirt with Edwardian oxford shoes.
    Lace,  Sewing

    Making-of an Edwardian Petticoat

    I stumbled upon Armenian lace as a new to me technique of making lace (see right pin), and thought an Edwardian petticoat would be the perfect project to try out such a new technique. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll…

  • Portrait of woman leaning forward wearing a green Cycling Sweater

    A Victorian Cycling Sweater, but make it Aran

    Last year, I looked in the mirror and was quite disappointed by the violet Cycling Sweater I finished a couple of months before. Do you know those projects that you completed and were actually pretty proud of the result, but…

  • Woman in a swirling Victorian walkingskirt with a bird print in front of a field

    A Victorian Walking Skirt to Celebrate Spring

    The Victorians had quite a fascination for nature, incorporating prints of flowers and animals into their dress. Often even incorporating the real stuffed animal to the outfit. While I’m a little appalled by the latter, I really get the fascination…

  • Ankany wearing the 1940s Bow Sweater

    A Summery 1940s Fashion Bow Sweater

    It’s summer, and what could be better than knitting a woolen jumper? Sounds crazy at first, doesn’t it? But knitted sweaters don’t always have to be super warm and made for winter. 1940s fashion offers some short-sleeved knitted sweaters, and…