Pattern cover of a sewing pattern showing the simulation and schematic sketch of a Victorian sleeve crinoline

New in the Shop!

This sewing pattern, for a sleeve crinoline, is inspired by the elegant silhouette of the 1890s.

I’ve crafted this design to solve the issue of my cycling sweaters lacking the desired shape. Drawing inspiration from historical garments showcased in various museums, I’ve created a pattern that not only ensures a flattering and structured fit but also captures the essence of the era.

Hi There!

This is Nany the founder of Ankany– I am a textile designer with a great fascination for historical clothing and textiles. Welcome to my world (and wardrobe), where I combine bright colors, historical styles, and textile techniques.

And since I love to share my experiences, I do so through my YouTube videos, the blog as well as sewing patterns, which you can find in my shop.

PDF Sewing Patterns

Download PDF Sewing Patterns Instantly

Inspired by Originals

My patterns are mostly inspired by antique garments and sewing patterns.

Graded Patterns

The patterns are available in sizes 36 to 54 and each one can be printed separately.

All Important Markers

The patterns include all markers such as button and hook placement, notches, and seam allowances.

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