Nany, textile designer, wearing Edwardian corset
Me wearing my first corset

My name is Nany. I am the person behind the label Ankany. I am a textile designer on my journey to design and make historically inspired clothing. My goal is to one day own a wardrobe of clothing that I truly love.

I have always loved textiles and craftsmanships and after school, I decided to do a degree combining design and engineering.
As a design engineer in textiles, I learned thus the modern design and development of textiles. Now that I have completed my Master’s degree (M. Sc.) “Textile Products” in the field of Design, I have decided to take the first steps on my journey between worlds – historical craftsmanship and modern technology. For this reason, I started the label Ankany.

On this site, I will show my progress on the research of historical
clothing, fitting garments to my body shape, and the different
techniques I use. I like to share what I have learned to inspire anyone
who enjoys creating their wardrobe.

As a textile designer, am I particularly fascinated by the production and maintenance of different textiles. Especially when it comes to techniques that are rarely used. By learning old handicraft techniques, I hope to gain a deeper insight into the lifestyle of that time.

Lace takes on a special significance for me in this context. The delicacy and the many different design possibilities have won my heart, and I love investing the time in such elaborate projects. Besides making lace, I also like to experiment with any other (textile) technique.

What is important to me is not only the production of a garment but also its longevity. If I invest so much time making something, I want it to accompany me for as long as possible. For this reason, I use natural raw materials as far as possible, and I let myself be inspired by historical techniques when caring for them.

Nevertheless, I am a child of this century and love the possibilities that modern technology gives us. That includes, for example, 3D simulations and the digital design of pattern making. Especially since I wrote my master’s thesis about the 3D simulation of zero-waste fashion. I will combine historical and contemporary techniques to achieve the best possible result.

I love seeing projects come to life through my own hands, and I hope you may join me on this journey of discovery and creation.