• Detail of a petticoat with glittery lace peaking out under a skirt with Edwardian oxford shoes.
    Lace,  Sewing

    Making-of an Edwardian Petticoat

    I stumbled upon Armenian lace as a new to me technique of making lace (see right pin), and thought an Edwardian petticoat would be the perfect project to try out such a new technique. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll…

  • Tatted Insertion Lace with two Tatting Shuttles

    April First is International Tatting Day

    The first of April is not only April Fool’s Day but also International Tatting Day. To celebrate it appropriately, I thought of learning the tatting technique. Especially since I’ve wanted to do this for years. The History of Tatting Tatting…