Fashion Eras

Fashion Eras

Here you can find an overview of the eras for which I have already worked on a project. I have started designing garments inspired by the Edwardian era. Mainly because I am a big fan of the typical silhouette of this period.

Personal taste, as so often, plays an important role in the choice of clothing. Thus, I am particularly inspired by those eras in which the female silhouette is characterized by an accentuated narrow waist. I am fascinated not only by the body shape itself but also by the world views that influence these silhouettes. However, my biggest focus is on technical implementation, because all kinds of tricks have been used to get the desired silhouette.

From corsets, to hip and shoulder pads, to complete substructures, there have been so many different ways to shape the outer appearance. My goal is to reproduce the techniques used as precisely as possible and then incorporate them into my wardrobe at one point or another.

To do this, I research as many contemporary sources as possible, get inspired by other creatives, and learn through all the scientific papers I can find. Nevertheless, I will never be able to work historically accurate, but that is not my claim. I want to learn as much as I can and use that in a meaningful context.

I also find the change from pure handwork to industrial production of textiles incredibly fascinating. Both have their special properties and possibilities. I want to use the possibilities to create clothing that is inspired by the past, yet can be integrated into my everyday life.

I assume that more eras will follow in this listing because each has its charm.

Overview of the Fashion Eras

For ease of reference, here is a brief overview of which time each fashion era is set in: