This is an overview of the different outfits I am working on or have already finished. Following the links, you will get a selection of the posts I have made about these outfits.

A lot of historical outfits consist of more than one layer. This makes it sometimes more difficult to get started with the recreation, but for me, this is also the reason for my fascination with historical fashion. An outfit may not work until it has the correct substructure. I like to explore these aspects that bring an outfit into the desired shape, implement them and adapt them to my needs.

I pay particular attention to the adaptation to my own body because, in my eyes, this is what makes up historical fashion. While tailored fashion was a luxury item back then as well, there was generally more attention paid to shaping the silhouette through the clothing.

Therefore, I am working on putting together a basic set of matching undergarments. In doing so, I am using various historically inspired outfits as a guide to keeping the goal of a complete design in mind. Over time, I can then hopefully combine different projects and incorporate pieces into my daily wardrobe. This is certainly easier if I work within a limited fashion era at first, but knowing myself, I want to learn more at some point.

As a designer, I also tend to develop designs that are based on historical originals, yet somehow innovative. I admire all those who create exact replica of historical costumes as well as cosplays, but this is not my quest. I am fascinated by the transformation of inspiration into something new, perhaps “never-before-seen”, even if I am not sure it is possible.

With time, more outfits will be added. However, it is important to me to invest enough time in each garment so that I can still enjoy it in a few years. If you’re interested in my progress in real-time, follow me on Instagram. Here I always give short updates on the current status.