This are my projects.

I like to work on big and small projects, often whole outfits are created that way. Sometimes it’s just a tiny project that is not assigned to a final product, yet.

As you may have noticed, I use a wide variety of techniques, many of which are used in just one project. This sometimes leads to projects being very time-consuming. Often I work on an idea for months and occasionally something remains as a UFO (unfinished object) in a box. That’s why I like to use different organizational systems to split up my projects and not feel overwhelmed. Above all, visuals help me keep motivation high in the process because I can see the progress.

I also tend to keep on trying new things.  This expands my design choices. I often reach a point where I would like to have a textile that meets my specific needs. However, due to other production techniques and the partial lack of demand, certain products no longer exist or are so expensive that I don’t want to afford them. I often decide to take the path that is cheaper but more time-consuming and teach myself a new technique. Fortunately, there are so many sources in the age of the internet that this has become much easier.

On top of that, I’m incredibly curious and when I see something I want to touch it, examine it closely and understand how it was made – especially with textiles.
Another important point for me is the possibility to make something that I will use and love for years in the best case. This is probably also the reason why I rarely do test work. Often I start directly with a large project. I want to use what I’ve made and not let it gather dust in the corner as a test piece.

Since I move from one project to another so frequently, here is an overview of my current and past projects. From here you can view the posts that were made for each project.