The sizing of Ankany Patterns follows the German standard size range for women, spanning from EU 34 to 54. The pattern is tailored for individuals with a body height of 168 cm (5’6 inches). Refer to size guide below to see the exact measurements.

To ensure the best fit, please take your measurements accurately. Enlisting the help of a friend can provide the most precise results.

Measuring Guidelines

When using Ankany Patterns, measure your bust, waist, and hip circumference. Keep the measuring tape straight and parallel to the floor. Stand naturally and measure the fullest parts of your body. It’s important to note that undergarments can affect your figure’s shape, so wear appropriate undergarments matching your project.

Selecting Your Size

The sizing is determined by the bust measurement. If you fall between sizes, opt for the larger size and make adjustments to the pattern accordingly.

The Historical Silhouette

As you embark on your sewing journey, keep in mind that my patterns are inspired by the historical silhouette. While they capture the essence of bygone eras, adjustments may be necessary to ensure they fit modern bodies and preferences seamlessly. I highly recommend crafting a mock-up to refine the silhouette, taking into account the nuances of period-inspired designs and the individuality of every body’s shape. This attention to detail will help
you achieve the perfect fit.