Understanding the skill level required for utilizing my patterns is essential, as it sets the tone for your sewing journey. With my patterns, you’re embarking on an advanced sewing adventure tailored for those who relish the challenge of piecing together garments with finesse. While the instructions provided are minimal, they serve as a foundation for your creativity, and I recommend keeping a sewing book handy for mastering more intricate techniques.

Originating as what I fondly refer to as a “spaghetti-pattern” extracted from magazine pages, I’ve transformed each design into a comprehensive, full-size pattern, primed and ready for your modern sewing adventures.

To offer guidance and ensure you select a pattern that aligns with your skill level, I’ve categorized my designs into three tiers, each represented by a different number of diamonds on my chart. This diamond chart acts as a rough guide, allowing you to choose patterns that best suit your proficiency and ambition.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider your familiarity with various fabric types, as this significantly influences your sewing experience. Being mindful of the fabric you’re working with not only ensures smoother sewing but also enhances the overall quality and durability of your finished garment.


Requires a solid understanding of sewing techniques and terminology, although the pattern in itself is rather simple.


Proficient in a wide range of sewing techniques, capable of tackling intricate designs with precision and finesse.


Mastery level, possessing extensive experience and skill in sewing, able to create complex garments with ease.